utorak, 2. srpnja 2013.

Smashwordova top lista za svibanj

SW je izbacio prvu top listu najprodavavnijih samizdat autora na svojoj platformi i na svim ostalima. Na listi je 25 samizdat autora i možete je provjeriti čisto da vidite koji su žanrovi in kod čitatelja koji čitaju samizdat pisce.

Sad, zašto je to zanimljivo? Zato jer je u blog postu o top listi napisano i pet savjeta koje možete aplicirati i ako ne želite biti među 25 najprodavanijih samizdat pisaca:

1.The best books market themselves. Write a super-awesome book that delivers extreme reader happiness and turns fans into superfans.  Superfans don't just recommend your book to their fans, they command their friends to read it.  Superfans leave five-star "WOW" reviews at retailers.

2. Give your book a super-awesome cover.  If your cover image promises and delivers upon the emotional or intellectual promise your target reader desires from their next read, you'll have a big selling advantage.

3. Price your book competitively.  Your book is competing against higher priced ebooks from the large publishers.  Price your book lower.  This doesn't mean you need to price to FREE or $.99.  If you price at $2.99 or $3.99, your book is priced to sell.

4. Distribute via Smashwords!  It should go without saying, but if your book isn't delivered to the above retailers via Smashwords, your sales numbers won't get counted in our rankings.  We only report verified sales reported to us by our retailers.

5. Build your author platform.  At the end of every book you write, create a section titled, "Connect with the Author," and in that section list your Facebook page, Twitter address, blog and website address, along with an offer to sign up for your mailing list if you have one.  This makes it easy for fans to connect with you, which thereby makes it easy for you to alert your fans when you release a new title.

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